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CitySafe Private Investigations

Our goal is to describe this firm without falling back on clichés, to free ourselves from the marketing constraints.

This is our goal.

Size, importance, and validity are prerogatives that if observed from too close, lose their objectivity.
This is the reason that, rather than listing our achievements, we prefer to share with anyone who is curious to learn the history of this firm, those values that have been cultivated in principle by the founders alone, and have then been passed on to every employee, so that what began as the hope of a few people became a solid working situation for many.

In fact, CitySafe Private Investigations is one of the leaders in the field of investigation and the subsidiary security that, ideally and then concretely, is the product of the passion and desire of a group of professionals in investigative sciences and experts with twenty years of experience in the Police Force, willing to put their expertise, reliability and professionalism at the service of private citizens and businesses.

Equipped with the proper authorization for carrying out all the security services that require permits from the prefecture, CitySafe Private Investigations specializes in private and corporate investigation services, day and night porter services, parking service, security and much more, as well being a solid firm.

The offices, which are located throughout Italy, ensure that we can respond to any need, wherever it arises. In fact, CitySafe Private Investigations provides solutions for small and private businesses, government agencies, large industrial complexes, including commercial enterprises and hospitals, etc..

The expertise and professionalism that set us apart allow us to provide a complete range of services in order to satisfy all the needs of the segment. This institute was established through the association of professionals in the field of security consulting, and has never failed to continue to offer its customers a top level consultancy, first and foremost.

CitySafe Private Investigation Srl, in fact, organizes its activities by analyzing the following aspects:

Customer Care

CitySafe Private Investigations

Before establishing a working relationship, it is important for us to know the customer, understand their needs and direct ourselves toward satisfying their most concrete needs.

Custom Projects

CitySafe Private Investigations

Based on customer requests, the issues that arise and the results to be achieved, CitySafe Private Investigations, by discussing the details and involving those concerned, will formulate an ad hoc project.

Concentration and Dedication

CitySafe Private Investigations

CitySafe Private Investigations stays abreast of the customer on the results and gives ongoing attention to their needs, promoting a consistently personalized service.

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Our teams of experienced professionals work in synergy to customise the services offered and implement the highest level of organizational and operational strategies to protect and pursue the rights and interests of private clients or firms.


CitySafe is a young firm made up of ambitious professionals who propose a challenge: to debunk the clichés surrounding the work of private investigators and bring this activity closer to citizens and within everyone's reach.


We offer our customers a wide range of services suited to maintaining broad-scale global security for both firms and private customers, due to our presence throughout Italy.


Relying on skilled and experienced professionals means reducing exposure to high risk factors in ensuring the successful pursuit of goals.