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CitySafe Private Investigations is authorized to conduct all types of investigations into criminal matters. In the course of a criminal trial, the availability of well-documented evidence can be the strength of a defensive strategy.

CitySafe Private Investigations, in addition to the tasks assigned, in some cases, directly by the competent bodies, interacts with the lawyer to carry out checks in favour of the suspect in criminal matters, with the aim of finding witnesses, collecting evidence and reconstructing the exact circumstances and dynamics of the facts to prove the innocence or lack of involvement of the suspect, or at least to improve their position, strengthening the defence.

At the end of the investigation, a final report is provided and a professional made available for any exhibiting of evidence in the course of the trial. In some cases, criminal investigations are required by the injured party for the purpose of finding further evidence of the guilt of the party charged.

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Criminal Investigations

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Our teams of experienced professionals work in synergy to customise the services offered and implement the highest level of organizational and operational strategies to protect and pursue the rights and interests of private clients or firms.


CitySafe is a young firm made up of ambitious professionals who propose a challenge: to debunk the clichés surrounding the work of private investigators and bring this activity closer to citizens and within everyone's reach.


We offer our customers a wide range of services suited to maintaining broad-scale global security for both firms and private customers, due to our presence throughout Italy.


Relying on skilled and experienced professionals means reducing exposure to high risk factors in ensuring the successful pursuit of goals.