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The trust mechanisms that are triggered toward employees are an integral part of that machinery that can procure the development and success of the entire organization. For this reason, the economic and image-related consequences that occur with the loss of trust established with its staff can be very serious.


Corporate infidelity can take many forms, from unjustified absenteeism to theft and actual corporate espionage.


Private investigation within firms, therefore, is aimed at establishing possible cases of double employment, passing data (technical, commercial, for projects, supply conditions in tenders, marketing actions planned, etc ...) or documents to potential competitors, theft of tangible or intangible assets, or embezzlement.


For this type of service, CitySafe Private Investigation Srl carries out appropriate investigations and collects documented evidence. Furthermore, in close cooperation with the client, it endeavours to use sophisticated technological tools to produce videos and photos that might also be useful for documenting the possible infidelity of shareholders and/or directors.


CitySafe Private Investigations can also provide a valuable contribution in the personnel selection process, by completing pre-employment inquiries to verify the veracity of the curriculum vitae, the lifestyle of the candidate and any past disloyalties.

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Our teams of experienced professionals work in synergy to customise the services offered and implement the highest level of organizational and operational strategies to protect and pursue the rights and interests of private clients or firms.


CitySafe is a young firm made up of ambitious professionals who propose a challenge: to debunk the clich├ęs surrounding the work of private investigators and bring this activity closer to citizens and within everyone's reach.


We offer our customers a wide range of services suited to maintaining broad-scale global security for both firms and private customers, due to our presence throughout Italy.


Relying on skilled and experienced professionals means reducing exposure to high risk factors in ensuring the successful pursuit of goals.