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For a corporate balance sheet, outstanding claims are both a financial and managerial problem. For this reason, any economic operator, even before establishing business relationships with third parties, should determine and assess the state of solvency, especially when the relationship that is about to be established will continue over time and involve a significant amount of capital.

Unfortunately, firms of all levels turn their attention to acquiring clients, and subsequently work, often not bothering to assess whether acquiring the new client, in the short term, will actually lead to a cash flow. In many cases, it follows that with the acquisition of a new customer, the firm begins to record important assets, but these cannot be monetized. And, often, just at this point, the firm learns that the creditor is not reliable and does not have a stable economic and financial situation and, perhaps has already accrued huge debts and owes others. In the worst situations the debtor becomes untraceable and does not answer letters or telephone calls.

CitySafe Private Investigations offers every service necessary for assessing the economic security of individuals, firms and businesses, in advance, providing the ability to determine in advance the risks arising from establishing a new business relationship and, wherever appropriate, recommending appropriate strategies to be taken in order to avoid real difficulties of collecting a debt in the future.

However, where the problem of collecting debt already exists, it supports its customers in the debt collection business and first performs a preliminary investigation on the actual availability of funds and assets of the insolvent party and then tracks down the party and verifies their contact details, so that solicitation can be sent with the assurance that it will be received. Out of court procedures are preferred as they are faster and cheaper than going to court. In fact, a strategy for defining a debt repayment plan is the best method, with a view to reconciling the parties and extinguishing the debt completely in the shortest possible time. There are also cases in which the procedure of "extrajudicial debt recovery" is not the most efficient solution for recovering a debt.

It often happens that a similar procedure does not achieve the desired results, perhaps because the creditor does not actually have the necessary liquidity or because complaints have been levelled about the quality of the service or product purchased, etc.. In the case where the creditor has already levelled complaints and has perhaps already established a legal dispute, the "extrajudicial debt recovery" procedure is not feasible. In this case, CitySafe Private Investigations directs its clients to professionals with whom there is an existing partnership, as part of the "debt recovery proceedings."

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