Services for Individuals

CitySafe Private Investigation



Experience has allowed us, over the years, to refine the techniques needed to achieve excellent results in all types of investigation.
In the field of private investigations for the citizen, CitySafe Private Investigations offers a wide range of services, including:
Marital Infidelity: to face a difficult emotional situation, to discover any cases of marital infidelity, and, in the case of suing...

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The law that currently governs defensive investigation allows the defence the right to use a private investigator, duly authorized to find and verify evidence in order to be able to better reveal the facts of the case in favour of its client. CitySafe Private Investigations offers its support to anyone who needs to defend themselves adequately from lawsuits and complaints, to find witnesses, verifications...

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Contrary to what we are led to believe, debt collection is not exclusively reserved for firms. Increasingly, private individuals or non-commercial entities are starting to have debt collection problems. Rental foreclosure, severance pay or for unpaid work, bad loans, and payment of damages are some of the issues that can lead to debt collection problems for private parties.

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Our teams of experienced professionals work in synergy to customise the services offered and implement the highest level of organizational and operational strategies to protect and pursue the rights and interests of private clients or firms.


CitySafe is a young firm made up of ambitious professionals who propose a challenge: to debunk the clich├ęs surrounding the work of private investigators and bring this activity closer to citizens and within everyone's reach.


We offer our customers a wide range of services suited to maintaining broad-scale global security for both firms and private customers, due to our presence throughout Italy.


Relying on skilled and experienced professionals means reducing exposure to high risk factors in ensuring the successful pursuit of goals.